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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth. Yeah, pretty accurate, actually.

Or is it. That it’s created by a large shop (Saatchi Canada) is doubly ironic. Created for the FITC Digital Conference, it’s moody blueotone vibe with dramatic score highlights the predicament too many shops find themselves in when it comes to focusing on the same old same old. But then... (there’s always a *then* with me, ya hear?) I’ve been in places just as empty just as quickly due to budget consolidation or regime change, not because of how well the shop did or didn’t adapt to digital. So, accurate? Yeah, mostly.

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Ben Kunz said...

Bill, you're a creative guru, so explain to me: Why so long? I keep seeing these wicked long ads online. I thought long-form was out. But then I watch 2, 3, 4 minute+ videos -- don't even get me started on the Thai deaf girl violinist who made me cry over at Angela's blog. Am I the only one? Are people online more patient? Or are we bored? Or are we just glad that sucky :30 second commercials can be avoided with a click for 4-minute masterpieces online? Crap, it's like listening to an entire 90-minute episode of AdVerve ;)