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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let’s save something.

Buy some. Get clean. Help kids. That’s not hard to do for any brand. The Body Shop is doing it with a percentage of each $4 going to the Break The Silence on Domestic Violence campaign. The design of the package? As clean as you will be after using the soap.

Then, Dawn continues its campaign to clean up the environment. (The liquid is used to clean the oil off of wildlife which may have been in contact with a spill or other ecological disaster.)

There’s a code at the bottom rear of the bottle that you enter online, and $1 is automatically donated. There, I just saved you the time I wasted not knowing I should do that it. The violator copy says “1 Bottle = $1 to save wildlife—Must visit to activate donation.” Semi-unclear as if this will cost me an additional buck or not, and it lacks a stronger push to get me to go there, regardless.

The thing that I wish they’d really do to complete the thought though is also remind people ON the label that the bottle itself can ultimately do as much damage to the environment, and in turn, any animals that come into contact with it. It says this two pages in on their website, but nowhere on the two different sizes we use here does it say anything about recycling properly or the impact of not doing so. (There isn’t even a recycle icon on the label either, just the standard PETE 1 on the bottom of the bottle.) Still, it’s a cute seal—what’s not to love?

Tag Heuer and Leo, baby. Saw a print ad with Mr. Shelter Island and how he’s board member of the National Resources Defense Council. Except, there’s no mention at the NRDC site, and you have to guess where it is on Tag Heuer’s. (Two pages deep and only after you *guess* it could be on the sitemap.) At the very least, run a url in the ad to an NRDC page on the Tag site, which, doesn’t even have a little blurb about it on the main page.

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