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Saturday, March 27, 2010

You've tried the rest...

And now, for something completely different... from across the pond. Local. International. We I cover it all here. Nothing much to say about this Crescent Road Cafe spot except, it’s a nice, little local piece. It’s from Glue in the UK, and I stumbled across it after seaching for “glue” on YouTube. (Don’t ask. Seriously.)

Is it going to win at Cannes? No. Look, it’s a simple spot that feels genuine, and tells a story about the spirit of the place beyond simply listing the hours or menu items. I like the way they did a little more with something that’s not unlike work any of us in the U.S.A. have done at some point. (The local clients who need a commercial but who end up as demanding as any Fortune 500 brand. After, you swear never again and vow to tell the next one to let the cable company come out and shoot it for $1,000—with voiceover included!)

The name search thing though does highlight the importance of tagging the hell out of your work. One other word that pinged back however was the dreaded... viral. I see their intent was to spread the word, and I get that, but commercials that are straight-forward like this won’t ever be considered viral the way brands expect them to be: “I WANT 1,000,000 VIEWS IN TWO DAYS!”*

The story aspect though—or lack thereof—is important to any ad, yet it’s almost always missing from the bad ones, local or not. You only have to look at Rhett & Link to see how they wring every last bit of story out of spots for their clients. For the rest of them however?

Cue this scenario:

The local pizza place with close-ups of happy kids and their moms crammed into one booth wolfing down a pie—or three—and everything the restaurant makes sprawled out on a nearby table. Checkered tablecloth. Logo. Phone number. Fade to black.

Oh, by the way, did I mention we have plenty of FREE parking?

*Good luck with that unless your clip contains cute babes, babies or pets—and one of them is doing something stupid.

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Jetpacks said...

You know what really deals the deal for me is the end shot where the woman leans into the man as he kisses her head. Probably a spontaneous moment during the shoot, but a golden closer.