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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Twitter’s ad model in 140 characters.
– Walken, 5-0. (Via.)
– Bill Murray’s pseudo Leary tech rant.
– Welcome to Manville—population: 4500 20mm rounds per minute.
– That’s a fan.
– Yes, there’s a Professional Sports Wives magazine.
– We won’t fix it in post.
– Banner ads are people too.
– Forget Segal’s ponytail, will their helmets fit the ego?
– Nicht mehr Facebook!
– Air Marshal Service-$200 million per arrest?
– The Art of Manliness.
– Mommy, why does Kermit have to work blue?
– Glenn Close’s Genome Sequencing.
– Cigarette classics.
– The guy Johnny gave the finger to.

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