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Sunday, April 11, 2010

He’s not just running for Senate—he's running for... America.

Peter Schiff is Linda’s competition for the Senate seat held by Christopher Dodd. But, he’s taken her anti-special interest group mantra and put his own spin on it and channeled not Ronald Reagan, but the U.S. *** damn constitution, people! (What else would you expect when constitution is on your license plate.) Newt et al. complain that Obama’s socialist ways have destroyed America while candidates like Pete wrap themselves up in flag—with a referendum on Obama chaser. But while that may have an effect in 2010, they still need a leader for 2012. They also need the economy and Obama to fail if they Hope to have a chance.

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Andy Jukes said...

As you put it so well in your previous post, they’re all running against Washington… until they actually get there.