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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AdVerve 31 - Monty Media

Aka, Social media + Scott Monty.

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Why not call it that? He’s Ford’s director of social media—they *should* name the damn thing after him. But we go beyond Twitter doncha’kno, as we first delve into Sherlock Holmes. From there, it’s Detroit’s fascination with muscles per gallon, followed by why brands blow it when it comes to hiring for social media. (Okay, so we worked a *little* social in there. LOOK AT THE DAMN TITLE—IT’S WHAT WE DO.)

From there, we troubleshoot dealerships and the fun BP is having lately. Listen. Lather. Repeat. (Also find Scott on Twitter, Facebook and I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.)

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00:00 – 1. Sherlock Holmes 101
12:13 – 2. Mr. Case Study
20:18 – 3. Twitterer wanted: Inquire within
29:11 – 4. Muscle Per Gallon
40:04 – 5. Let the people decide
47:09 – 6. Desktops, dashbords & iPads
50:40 – 7. Caution: Showroom ahead
54:44 – 8. Caution: PR crisis ahead
59:42 – 9. Wrap

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Tony Wolf said...

Bartitsu was founded by E.W. Barton-Wright circa 1899. It had a brief period of notoriety but never took hold, and by 1903 it was essentially history.

It's evident that Doyle used Bartitsu as a deus ex machina device to explain how Sherlock Holmes defeated Professor Moriarty, but he actually mis-spelled it (as "baritsu") and there is no evidence to suggest that he actually studied the art.

mtlb said...

That’s why Madonna left Guy—he couldn’t separate fiction from reality. I have now been sucked into his web.