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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Ken Griffey Jr. sleeps in dugout—Starbucks finds new sponsor? (Via.)
– Pedigree opens up the floodgates again.
– When everyone drank from the same cup.
– New dads need burgers too.
– The day his picture ended up in The Onion.
– Frank Frazetta, R.I.P.
– Creepy robot mouth.
– Victoria’s Secret shoot or Trump beauty pageant? Oh, same!
– Mix your own Coke.
– GZA, RZA and Bill Groundhog day, Ghost-bustin’ ass Murray.
– Your porn tax dollars at work.
– Apple approaches 1984 with the Chilling Effect.
– Date fail.
– The Dark Side of London.
– Chatroulette has naked ads. No, they do.
– Suicide Girls meets Dahmer meets HGTV.
– Be the bag.
– LOOK at it. No, seriously, look at it.
– Doctors Mystified By Bandana Fused to Man’s Head.

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