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Friday, May 14, 2010

They need a freakin' job.

No, not the cast of Jersey Shore. I’m sure the White House is thrilled to see social media being thrown back in their face. Way it goes though, in a democracy. Well, me hometown Buffalonians won’t be winning any Gold Lions with this overwrought and obnoxious spot, but, I Need A Freakin’ Job is trying at least. (I would’ve had the kid lift his head up and go “My daddy needs a freakin’ job.”)

Well, the naysayer in me would say first, how did they pay for the placement of the outdoor, the website hosting, graphic design, etc. (You’re apparently out of work, so I could understand having the time.) Second though, I’d also say stop waiting for the handout and apply your ass off to anything out there. (There appear to be openings for day laborers in Arizona.)

The kinder, gentler me though would say Buffalo is an industrial city that has had it more than its share of hard times with the economy as cheaper labor costs attracts Amercian companies abroad. (Not to mention troubles with a certain football team). It’s because of this that a little government assistance in the form of favorable economic policies to aid small business would be welcome. Instead, they’ve looked to casinos to bail them out. (Gambling and lottery tickets being the quick fix trap for any city in economic trouble apparently.)

So, Mr. President, woulda coulda help a few able-bodied, well-intentioned folk secure some labor? (They have a Facebook!) There’s something wrong when the Jersey Shore cast has better job options. On second thought, because of YouTube, they’ll be on the Today Show soon enough.


knowledge is power said...

What a waste of money. Billboards cost at least $10k+. That money could have been better spent putting orgone out there to combat chemtrails and elf waves coming from cell phone towers.

shaun. said...

lol to "openings in Arizona."