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Monday, June 28, 2010

Come to Florida—not all our beaches are toxic and will kill all life as we know it.

Too long a title? One of the things that happens after a disaster is the inevitable exploitation. Did I say exploit, I meant, a need to promote so that the tourist season is not completely lost. Like these spots in Florida for the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau. Filmed live each day, these nine down and dirty spots feature “Dan” trying to capture some of the lost tourism money with a little rapid-fire schtick. (The spots cost $750K to produce and run, and were shot, edited, approved and uploaded each day by noon.) They’re cute and all, but “Still pristine” seems like a risky promise, given hurricane season is now ramping up and might make that point moot soon enough. Much as I am Mr. Humor too, there’s a time and place for it as this whole mess is still unfolding. These might go over in other parts of the country farther away from the spill, but at least acknowledging the situation as Alabama is doing feels more right.



Chris Abraham said...

See, that one's really brill, too... hey, why are there never any good commercials on my TV? I watch enough?

mtlb said...

$750K only goes so far. ;-p