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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

“When a warm breeze blows in from the Gulf, you’ll definitely notice.”

Yeah, I bet. It’ll be the fires from the burning oil. Not to beat the shit out of local tourism efforts in Florida, I’m not. They have a huge challenge to keep the crowds coming this summer. This was going to be more about contextual sadness than anything because I saw this ad while getting the car’s oil changed today. (Ironic ftw.) It follows the theme of their site, and The Dali was interesting too, even though that water looks way too clean for BP’s liking. Anyway, taglines and such are written long before safety procedures and concerns take a backseat to profits, so this unfortunate yet timely ad catches the St. Pete Clearwater crew off-guard with some cringe-worthy wordplay.


Craig Brimm said...

LOL! Funny commentary.
But it is a terrible time here for people in the tourism trade here (the entire area). But there really is no oil in the StPete Clearwater area. Heck there is only a bit in the Pensacola area. I go to the beach nearly everyday and it is nearly empty everyday.

The beaches are why I moved here, the beaches and the art. Atlanta was getting crowded for me.

Florida local said...

Actually, St Pete is about 450 miles from Pensacola---that's as far as NYC is from Bangor, Maine. In fact, St Pete is so far away from any oil it's where the pelicans rescued from the oil spill in Louisiana are being RELEASED! (

You might want to check your geography!~

mtlb said...

I did, thanks. Two things:

Everyone has that spill on their mind, and it affects the tourism pitch I see from every state and tourism board in the gulf states. Because of that, people understand the reference to burning oil, no? Still others are using the fact that they haven’t (yet) got oil, while some started to report it showing up.

Second thing is that early computer models showed how the oil could work it’s way up the Atlantic coast during hurricane season, up to past the Carolinas—farther than Bangor for the NYC crowd—so to say St. Pete can’t be affected may be premature, no?