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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where sponsors have no game.

I checked but didn’t see U2 on FIFA’s World Cup sponsor page. They should be though because I don’t know of another brand band that’s gotten more out of a major TV event (or their entire catalog) than U2. Bono might end up being tourney MVP. Not just offering songs up for ESPN to use in promos but reworking many of them to be used as spots, especially this version I heard of Where The Streets Have No Name with the Soweto Gospel Choir. It’s a version that has elements which have been incorporated in live shows for years. (Speaking of, ESPN hasn’t hurt their cause here either with their coverage.) It’s hard for sponsors to connect with an event beyond writing a check, but U2 can. They’ve been buggin’ people for years about apartheid and their World Cup association has to be the culmination of that. Compared to other sponsors though, there’s nobody else standing out from where I can tell. Coke? Non-existent. Visa? Meh. Only Hyundai gets a bump here, in mah humble.... (Yes, Budweiser is a sponsor but the vibe I get is that they feel invisible for some reason. They’re running spots and a house and ya know how I feel about that.


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