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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Because nobody lies about their stats online.

“I was the tall blonde on the 6 train downtown who banged her head getting off at Bleecker. I was so focused on your amazing jet black hair that rose above the crowd that I didn’t duck in time. You then pummeled the tiny gym rat in the wife beater who laughed at me, all while giving me a hug with your eyes as if to say ‘sorry.’ The closing doors sealing our fate, at least for now.”

Sick of missed connections with someone who actually doesn’t have to look up at you? Are you tired of getting stuff of the top shelf for you significant other? Why settle! Well, not anymore. If 5’ 2” just won’t do, then why not check out Mr. or Ms. 6’ 5” now. Although, if it’s me, I expect a niche dating site like Seeking Tall to let me select by height like I’m ordering by size at Zappos.

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