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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music? Books? Dead.

Or are they. Ford, Microsoft and MSN have an interesting series out called Play It 4-Ward. They’re short segments with a wide range of guests riffing on where tech is headed. Co-branded integration wet dream aside, a few of the current shows deal with the effects of digital technology on both the music and publishing industries. The publishing show features Thomas Dolby, Sheila E., Chris Kelly, and Marianela Pereyra, while the music show has Andrew Keen jumping in.

What I liked was how the effects of digital tech on books and music raise many of the same issues with the panels. Dolby on publishing seems to think the way forward for authors will be to promote work ahead of time among their fans instead of waiting for the traditional advance. (By the way, clicking on any person’s “+” symbol takes you to their extra video clip.)

As for music, he notes that the best thing about the influence of digital tech is that artists now just have to worry about playing and sharing their music with anyone, compared to the gauntlet the record labels had in place for an artist to navigate just to get noticed.

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