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Friday, July 9, 2010

Vegas, your one-stop vaca destination for strippers, families and tax breaks.

Which Vegas is it now again? I’m confused. I get the new summer camp for adults thing, cute and all, but they tried hard these past few years to pitch it as a family destination. (Sure looked like it when we rolled through.) A building boom bust saw them losing their way and abandoning the well-known “What happens in Vegas” campaign, then altering it a little with “Only in Vegas,” then back again. Then an appeal to out of state companies to relocate. And now its exploring its Hedonism side again. Vegas, we get it: Elvis and Frank are gone, but just what are you trying to be now anyway? Might as well just say you’ve got everything. I WON’T BE MAD AT YA. I mean, hot couples are nice—not that we saw many what with all the kids—but if you’re going to get the freak back on, give this guy a call.

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