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Monday, September 6, 2010

A watched Tea Party is a good Tea Party.

It likely won’t have the objectivity a aims for, but wants to hold up a mirror to the Tea Party and ferret out what it calls the extremist and racist elements. The tagline says “A watched teapot never boils.” (Every movement needs a slogan!) No matter what their party affiliation or who may be watching though, extremists can’t help but wear their agenda on their sleeve, so I doubt the Tea Party is worried over what this site says. Why would they when they already get great press from Huffington, Jon Stewart, et al. Sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, Media Matters and New Left Media, there’s a few things that I’m not digging about the site though.

Those organizations aside, there’s no way to email anyone specific here, which already makes it feel like other generic PAC sites where there’s no accountability. It doesn’t let people submit things they find, which is something you’d want to do when building an online watchdog community like this. There aren’t as many stories as you’d expect, certainly not one as unfortunate as this one. Hey, just saying. Somebody has to watch the watchers.

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