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Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you can type, you can make GEICO commercials.

I KID. There seems to be two camps now when it comes to web-based apps and social networks in TV ads: the spots doing something useful with the space and the others poking fun at it. Fine line between both though. AT&T showed the latter while Wheat Thins and LG’s were just the right tone for the former. This new GEICO spot is one of two out featuring the do-it-yourself video making experience Xtranormal. (It’s web-based movie making that provides all you need, save for a story idea and script.) But GEICO’s poked the internet before with their anything goes online series, so this isn’t new. Just not sure which group they fall into with this approach. What seems more significant is the plug that Xtranormal gets out of this. This isn’t just a sign-off. While the urls some brands use to let people find themselves online are usually thrown on at the end for all of two seconds (Twitter or Facebook), they’re still only indirectly promoting those services. Here, the actual process that is Xtranormal is front and center with that logo. Nice score if you’re Xtranormal.

(Via BFFB.)

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