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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I just became the Mayor of latex glove.

Whether you earn that Grope badge at JFK this Thanksgiving – hurry up and fly more because Mayors are exempt from pat scans – or jump on a Gropon worth $5 off at all airport McDonald’s, keep some perspective: Automobiles account for 96% of all travel this holiday, the highest ever percentage by car according to AAA. It also helps that car rental rates have dropped this year while air fees have increased. Although I expect availability on a new 2010 Taurus might be a little trickier the closer you get to Wednesday as you try and escape the city. I’m sure the TSA’s gate rape caring and professional attention to detail now underway won’t affect your decision to drive instead of fly, will it? (Is there a *professional* way to perform a near-clinical exam on the presumably innocent without making them feel violated?) But since America is the home of lemonade and not lemons, isn’t this also a perfect time for alternative modes of travel to step up their promotional game? Train, bus or car rental brands, where you at! So until Enterprise starts picking you up with a smile and pair of gloves, rent a new Ford and see America kids.

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