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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Augmented abuse.

This violence against women app supporting Germany’s Frauennotrufs München eV works with an accompanying print campaign by demonstrating the two parallel lives abuse victims lead – in *theory*. Like its French counterpart though, the execution, while technically solid, sure seems at odds with the insight. Or at least the point they’re trying to make based on the insight. It requires some effort for the viewer to go through just to get that far. (Why not a simple two-page execution in print with the before and after shot.) Regardless, what’s the point here, that women get abused? That’s not really news. (Or will this be downloaded by abusers themselves.) Just not sure how downloading an app is supposed to make me see something different from what I already know goes on.

(Agency: brand.david.)


Kennedy said...

Seems like a lot of work for the audience, for little payoff. Cool technology though. Could have way better applications.

Leshanne Pretty said...

I had the thoughts running through my mind after watching the clip. A lot of effort is involved for the audience to watch a message like this. I felt like the pay-off wasn't really there, with little insight/learning for the audience most likely to view something like this. Great technology, I just think it could think the concept could have been taken further or limited to a two page spread as you mentioned above.