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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are The Black Keys taking the Train? most overused band in commercials? Not song per se, as Train still has them beat with Hey Soul Sister. Off the top of my head though, there’s Tighten Up in the Subaru spot above after Molson M had also used the song months earlier. Then there was a Levi’s spot. Now, the band has ventured into the land of Victoria’s Secret and Zales’s diamond life with Girl on My Mind. Their raw Led Zepp garageband practice sound once stood out from the usual music you heard in ads, and especially Train’s Pop 40 leanings, but now they’re getting played out as agencies grab any song by bands with lyrics that match a particular product. I DIDN’T SAY SELL OUT EITHER. Band’s gotta do what it do, but, would be nice to cut back a little before they end up in a floor wax ad.

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Mark Wanczak said...

I had the same thought the other day after seeing that Subaru ad. Love the band and like to think they're putting all this ad money to good use back in Akron.