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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


- Un_______ the holidays.
- The third happiest day of a boat owner’s life...
- Rock band T-shirts for arthouse film directors. (Via.)
- A print wtf, WWF.
- Star Wars Dark Side coffee.
- Package design cakes.
- It’s a damn ink cartridge. (Via.)


Bridget Bardot said...

I mean come on - how much do you really need to know about ink cartridges? Good for you, writer man. Although, I must say I'm glad he's not writing the obits cuz I'd hate to read what he thought about my dead mother. Now...if you want to work on my siblings obits, well then go ahead. But back to ink cartridges. Ya know. WTF and what the heck. I'm so fed up right now, I say go ahead, write some bullshit cuz it aint gonna make a difference. Cuz aint no one reading it is gonna give a shit. Completely inappropriate rant but I think it marries nicely to the mood of the ink cartridge writer.

mtlb said...

I’d wanna read their take on obits.