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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A url will not get you to quit ____________ ing.

Will it? Taco above and Pickles (below) for the Vermont Department of Health are hipsterish enough in that self-effacing, body partification way, but I just can’t get this drinking and driving spot out of my head. So is it a combo of violence and humor that works? Grace? Shock? Teens being teens? Will a website like Just what is it that gets people to stop _______ ing? Or does no agency have an answer because it needs to come from within the person.

(Agency: KSV.)

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Everyman* (There's always a Disclaimer) said...

i think teens might want to get high then watch those clips.

very Brady Bunch-ish.

I don't know....time will tell if they stick with me. Will time tell me I'm pissed I wasted my time watching them? Or how they could have been hilarious.

And i get the brain is the one who decides to smoke. But the lungs....their motivation from the director was....? Shouldn't they have been directed to act more victimized? Or maybe another angle, i don't know.