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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ad of the year? SHIPOOPI!

Maybe not ad of the year as much as ad word. Sure Old Spice, Most Interesting and Nike’s Write The Future get all the glory, but I put together a few spots featured here in 2010 that either drew the most traffic, or were ones I just liked. Which makes this my end of year blog post, I guess. Cue streamers!

1) Chrysler Bullies.
2) Off the Chain bail bonds.
3) Adidas Originals - Star Wars Collection.
4) Bill Smith Buick.
5) Whoosh!
6) The NBA on ESPN campaign.
7) “Girls like guys who stand near flames.”
8) The best seat belt PSA ever.
9) Kevin Butler & anything PS3.
10) “Tuck in your shirt, hippie.”

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Anonymous said...

sweet list i espeically like the nba on ESPN those are always entertaining. this boston web design group has also comprised a list of the best things of this year internet wise